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Park Rates



Per Family:


Per Family:

Park Rules

  • Speed limit in Campgrounds — 5 M.P.H This will be enforced for all vehicles.
  • Seasonal, daily, weekly and monthly campers MUST have pass visible in front windshield when entering campground or you will be re-charged entry fee- Visitors also must have pass visible in front windshield.
  • No recreational mini-bikes. three wheelers, four (4)wheel ATVs are permitted: Golf carts and mini-scooters and their operators are permitted only when registeæd at main offce. All operators of vehicles shall obey park and state operation, license, insurance, and registration regulations and or laws.
  • Pets permitted on grounds on leash only and owners responsible for all of their pets including clean up
  • Seasonal campers are ressponsible for the supervision, care, and conduct of their guests and any minor children at all times.
  • Unattended campfires prohibited.
  • Campfires only permitted in approved fire rings (6" minimum height).
  • No trees on property shall be cut or damaged. No firewood from quarantined geographic areas shall be permitted in the campground.
  • Garbage must be wrapped and placed in containers provided
  • Use of any firearms or fireworks prohibited.
  • Quiet Hours are 11:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.. Sun. thru Thurs. and 12:00 A.M. (midnight) to 8:00 A.M. Fri. & Sat. ALL CHILDREN must be on their lots by 11 P.M. Sun. thru Thurs. RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBORS.
  • All waste water shall be dumped in facilities provided.
  • Visitors and pay $1.OO per person or $2.OO per person overnight. All visitors must check out by midnight unless arrangements are made in advance with the park manager.
  • Dispose of trash such as plastic bags, steel or aluminum cans in approved containers.
  • Swim at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty.
  • No children to allowed on the beach, playground and or recreational areas unless supervised by a responsible adult.
  • No pets or animals allowed on the beach or in the water at any time.
  • All daily lots must be cleaned and secured at the time of checkout.
  • All peak seasonal lots should be cleaned prior to leaving the campground for more than one day and must be cleaned and secured prior to the end of the peak season.
  • Dispose of fish remains in proper containers- No fishing with live minnows.
  • Check out time is 4:00 P.M. unless other prior arrangements are made with the staff.
  • Camping rates are based on one family and one camping unit. A family is defined as Father, Mother and unmarried children living in the same household.
  • No building on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Approval must be given by Denny or Barb before building begins.